Vintage Moroccan rug in beige, white and grey
Vintage Moroccan rug in pale colours of apricot beige, white and grey
Vintage Moroccan rug in pale beige colours in australia
neutral Vintage Moroccan rug in sand, beige and white
Neutral Vintage Moroccan rug with natural Moroccan slides
Neutral colour Vintage Moroccan rug in beige, white and grey

The Muse ~ Vintage Moroccan Rug

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The Muse is a dreamy vintage Moroccan rug in soft hues of an ever so slightly peachy beige, natural wool and pale grey. The subtle Boujaad motifs scattered throughout are just the perfect amount of detail for a light, airy feel. It has a hardy short pile with a good amount of weight behind it, and is structurally in excellent vintage condition with just a few minor signs of it's former life. Overall a beautiful, elegant rug that brings with it the energy of it's past life in exotic lands, and will elevate your space with a layer of texture and soul.

This beautiful vintage Moroccan rug is a one of a kind statement piece that carries the story of it's former life in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, and will bring an authentic worn-in vintage feel to your home.

Rug size approx 160 x 352 cm | 100% Wool

Traditionally hand-woven by the women of the Boujaad tribe, this beautiful vintage Moroccan rug was handpicked by us, for you.

The journey of our rugs begin in one of the far-flung tribes of the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco. They are bartered for, sold and pass through many hands until they reach the bustling alleyways of the Souks of Morocco.

Please know that our vintage Moroccan rugs and runners are carefully curated, authentic, one-off treasures. They may be up to 30 - 60 years old or sometimes even older, which is testament to the quality and craftsmanship of their makers. They show signs of wear and beautiful imperfections, which add to their story, charm and worth. It's exactly the appeal of these incredible pieces, and it's how they instantly elevate any space with a layer of soul and lived-in authenticity. 

All of our vintage Moroccan rugs are professionally washed, and repaired by our artisans if needed, before leaving Morocco. 

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