Quality & Care

Please know that our Vintage Moroccan Rugs are carefully curated, one-off treasures. They may show signs of wear and beautiful imperfections, which add to their story and charm. Our range of artisan homewares are made by hand, and most have individual quirks which build the character of each unique piece. It’s why we love them so much!  

Vintage Moroccan Rugs

All textiles are professionally washed and dried in the Moroccan sun before heading to their new home. We vacuum and package all rugs before shipping, but you may find a little residual desert sand or shedding of wool fibres caused by recent washing, which will resolve after a few household vacuums.

Show your rug some love! Please be kind to your beautiful vintage Moroccan rug and vacuum frequently. To freshen up, air outside in the sunshine for a few hours. Never use any harsh chemicals, instead stick to mild soapy water for spot cleaning. When a deep clean is required, we recommend taking your rug to a professional carpet cleaning service. 

Cactus Silk Cushions

Our Moroccan cactus silk cushion covers are naturally vegetable dyed and as such, getting them wet will cause discolouration. We recommend taking them to a dry cleaner should they require cleaning. Do not soak or machine wash as the dye will run and may transfer.