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The Sapphira is a one of a kind vintage Boujaad rug. It is naturally aged and faded to a peachy perfection, featuring colours of ivory, beige, apricot and brown. With it's low pile, gorgeous Berber motifs and soft colouring, this beautiful rug will make a stunning feature piece in any room.

Traditionally hand-woven by the women of the tribe, each of our vintage Moroccan Rugs are handpicked by us, for you.

Their journey begins in one of the far-flung tribes of the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco. They are bartered for, sold and pass through many hands until they reach the bustling alleyways of the Souks of Morocco.

Please know that our Moroccan rugs are carefully curated, vintage, one-off treasures. They show signs of wear and beautiful imperfections, which add to their story and charm. It's why we love them so much!

170 x 293 cm | 100% Wool

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Our beautiful vintage rugs instantly add a layer of personality and warmth to your home.

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