beige lumbar cactus silk cushion
lumbar cactus silk cushion

Beige & Charcoal | Large Lumbar Cactus Silk Cushion

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Cactus Silk Cushions Slow Made in Morocco

Our Beige & Charcoal cactus silk cushion colourway is a beautiful textured beige with  undertones of charcoal through the natural silk. The quality and tonal detail in our cactus silk cushions is truly incredible.

Each cactus silk cushion cover is made by hand on a traditional wooden loom, then individually faded to perfection under the Moroccan sun, giving a gorgeous tonal detail and depth to every piece.

Mix and match these beautiful Moroccan cushions in your favourite tones, and elevate your space with an extra layer of texture and bohemian soul.

Cactus Silk Cushion Cover Size
  • Approx 100 cm wide x 50 cm high (cover only)
  • Please allow for some size variation due to the handmade nature of these items
  • Shop our large lumbar cushion inserts here

Made with love by skilled artisans in Morocco, every single thread of our cactus silk cushions is hand loomed, and each cover takes many hours to make. The cactus silk is all natural, harvested from the Agave plant and then spun and dyed using natural vegetable dyes. Traditional Berber designs are woven into the cushion covers while they are on the loom, and once finished, the covers are laid out in the desert sun to complete the fading process which gives them their beautiful tonal appearance.

As our range of artisan homewares are crafted by hand, some have individual quirks which are to be cherished as they build the unique character of each piece. 

  • Cactus silk cushion cover only
  • The back is plain with no embroidery
  • 100% natural process, materials and dyes
  • Newly handmade by artisans in Morocco
  • Fair Trade
Cactus Silk Cushion Care Instructions

These beautiful cactus silk cushion covers are naturally vegetable dyed and as such, getting them wet will cause discolouration. We recommend taking them to a dry cleaner should they require cleaning. Do not soak or machine wash as the dye will absolutely run and transfer.

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