Vintage Moroccan Rugs


Looking for the perfect vintage Moroccan rug?

Add a gorgeous layer of texture and soul to your home with our range of carefully curated, authentic vintage Moroccan rugs.
These unique treasures carry the story of their former life in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and will bring that special something to your home, with their authentic worn-in vintage feel.

Each vintage Moroccan rug has been carefully hand loomed, by a woman of the Berber tribe in which the rug is made. These rugs are originally created for use in the family home, and have generally taken a labour of love over 7 - 12 months to make each one, sometimes longer. These beautiful rugs have been treasured, well looked after pieces in their original homes in the high Atlas Mountains, and are now highly sought after vintage pieces.
As today's artisans now use different techniques and dyes, the vintage style of Moroccan rug we stock are no longer made, and as such, are usually between 30 to 70 years old. Their excellent vintage condition is testament to the skill of their artisan makers, and the care they have been given by their original owners.
These beautiful Moroccan rugs, especially those in soft earthy tones are becoming more and more difficult to find, as vintage rugs are a finite resource. If you find one you love, don't wait, as it is extremely rare to find two of the same design.
All our vintage Moroccan rugs are professionally cleaned and repaired if need be, by our skilled artisans before leaving Morocco. We inspect and re-vacuum all rugs before shipping out to you.
Each Moroccan rug is unique, and priced according to beauty of design, condition, age and size.

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