Berber ceramic horse

Berber Ceramic Horse

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Unique Moroccan Ceramics for Your Home

This timeless Berber ceramic is a sculptural work of art, and carries the energy of the earth from which it was created in the far-flung Mezguilda tribe of northern Morocco.

With clay dug from the Moroccan earth, these incredible ceramics are shaped by hand to represent animals from the local area, then cured by fire, and painted with natural based pigments. For thousands of years the Berber women of Mezguilda have created these beautiful ceramics, using the same natural process handed down through generations - and this irreplaceable history can be felt in the naïve beauty of these incredible pieces.

With a matte, tactile feel, this earthy ceramic will make a truly unique statement in your home. Perfect for display on your buffet or shelfie, grouped with your favourite objects.

Please note, some of these ceramics have slight imperfections such as flame marks from being cured in fire, small cracks and chips. This is to be embraced as the wabi-sabi nature of these tribal ceramics. We endeavour to show any imperfections in our product photos, where each ceramic shown is the exact piece you will receive.

The profits from these ceramics go straight to the makers and give the village women a degree of financial freedom.

Artisan made, fair trade.

Berber Ceramic size approx: 

  • 32 cm high x 20 cm wide x 10 cm deep

Please allow for some irregularities as these are hand made items.

Caring for your Moroccan ceramics:

To clean, please only dust gently with a fine, dry duster. Do not get wet, as any dampness will cause damage these clay artworks.


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