feather insert 60 x 30 cm mini lumbar

Duck Feather Cushion Insert | Mini Lumbar 60 x 30 cm

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Premium duck feather cushion inserts

Our premium feather cushion inserts are the perfect inner to suit our Mini Lumbar Cactus Silk Cushion covers for a plump, beautifully filled cushion.

These high quality duck feather inserts are the best way to achieve the coveted 'chopped' cushion look as they maintain their shape.

To give a 'chopped' cushion appearance, first plump up your cushions, then using the side of your hand, apply a 'karate-chop' motion to the centre top of each cushion. This works best with feather filled inserts as their shape is more easily moulded than those with a synthetic fill.

• Cushion insert size | 60 cm wide x 30 cm high

Cushion insert cover 100% cotton, insert 100% duck feather.

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